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We are making our name in offering the nation with a series of affordable and innovative medicines for a healthier living, for all. We are here presenting a range of Pharma PCD, Pharma Franchise, Pharmaceutical Capsules, Pharmaceutical Tablets, Soft Gel Capsules, Pharmaceutical Syrups, Dry Syrups, Pharmaceutical Injections and Pharmaceutical Drops.

As an integrated healthcare solutions provider, we cater to sev


Branded Drugs

We offer various types of branded drugs that are manufactured by our group of companies, strictly as per the prescribed international standards and norms. The drugs are marketed by us in factory packaging.Thus, a drug that contains the same active ingredient, in the same amount, in the same form, dissolving at the same rate in equal amounts may be granted acceptance for substitution for a brand-name product. If it is accepted, the drug can be prescribed no differently than the brand-name product. Once all the equivalency tests have been conducted, the generic drug is considered a therapeutic equivalent.

Manufactured Products
  • Analgesics Injectables
  • Haematinics Syrups Suspensions
  • Pediaterics Syrups and Suspensions
  • Remend

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